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Carpet Tech // :30 “Names” Commercial

If your home is in a wreck, call Carrrpet Tech. Do you hear the jingle in your head too? Hah. Carpet Tech has an extensive line of services that even their own customers might not know about yet. Fire & water are just the beginning. Courtney Henson, head of the marketing department at Carpet Tech had the perfect spot in mind. Our team had a blast shooting this! Several times we were on call to flim “bad” weather when it decided to hit Lubbock. We drove all over the south plains to get the lighting strikes, water, and fire damage shots you see in the ad! We even rigged our camera outside of the car and drove down the highway to get a couple shots of lighting. Having an expensive camera on the outside of a car that is driving 60mph down the highway is no easy feeling. (In the end we still ended up using a few stock shots. Unfortunately that couldn’t be completely avoided!) Another great evening was spent with some of the seasoned Carpet Tech team: Danny, Stephanie, Newlee and Levi. Did you notice Carly Shelton in there from Contract Cre8ive? Her acting skills were on point that night and she nailed it. We look forward to seeing this ad on local TV!

The Cre8ive team loves Carpet Tech!