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Clearing Land For Over 20 Years.

Website Design in Lubbock - Contract Cre8ive
Website Design in Lubbock - Contract Cre8ive
Website Design in Lubbock - Contract Cre8ive

In the small town of Jacksboro, TX, it’s not to miss anybody, especially when you’re known for starting up great businesses. Jimmie Fitzgerald owns and operates Horizon Land Clearing.  His team and his equipment, weather permitting, are out every day clearing the unwanted trees off of people’s land. Mulching trees is not only beneficial to the land, but it also helps pave the way for big projects such as road construction, preparing a new field for farming, right-of-ways for power lines, and whatever seems fitting. There is honestly nothing Horizon Land Clearing can’t do.

They have the knowledge and resources that allow them to tackle any kind of job, no matter the circumstance. Our team was excited to work with the staff at Horizon Land Clearing. Overall, this project included a complete rebranding of their company including logo design, website design, photography, online video, and two outdoor ads.This was a huge undertaking, but one we were excited about. After much conversation and several revisions, we were able to finalize every element in the project.  It was truly a team effort. Everyone at Contract Cre8ive had a hand in this project one way or the other. If you’re every in the Jacksboro area, say hi to our friends at Horizon Land Clearing.  For more information about our website packages, feel free to contact us at any time.

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