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The Permian Basin Petroleum Association awarded the upmost deserving recipient of all time, Mr. Mack C. Chase the 2016 Top Hand Award on January 19th in Midland, TX. The Top Hand Award is given to someone in recognition for his or her outstanding lifetime achievement. Someone who has not only have given many years of service to the oil industry but also to the community.

On behalf of the Permian Basin Petroleum Association ( and Contract Cre8ive we can’t thank you enough for the memories and stories shared in honor of Mr. Chase. We appreciate the giving of your time and speaking with us on camera to tell the story of such an amazing man’s life. Also want to thank everyone at Chase Energy Corporation that helped us gather photos and bring this film to life.

In Loving Memory of Marilyn Yvonne Chase


Voice Over Talent: Tony Parnell

Music: “Autumn Dawn” by Marco Belloni Music // All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

VO Transcript:

Mack Chase was born on April 29th, 1931 to Edgar and Marie Chase. Mack was the 4th child of 8 born to the Chase family. Mack’s family lived in Loco Hills, NM just 27 miles outside of Artesia. It was in Artesia, a city that Mack calls home to this day, where Mack spent his formative years. As with many in the business, Mack was brought into the oil and gas industry by family. He began assisting his father and brother in the oilfield at 14 years old, working on a pulling unit. In 1950, he graduated from Artesia High School and went to work for Nash, Winfor and Brown continuing his work on pulling units. Soon after, however, duty to his nation called. In 1951, Mack enlisted in the U.S. Army. He spent 2 years in the Army as an A&E Mechanic, part of which was spent stationed in Korea.

After his time serving in the Army, he returned to Artesia and married his high school sweetheart, Marilyn Yvonne Stack. In ’54, Mack and his brother George started a well servicing business called Chase Well Service. Mack spent several years working with his brother George until he started his own business in 1968. What began as Mack Chase, Inc. has branched out to numerous other business endeavors both in the energy industry and beyond. He now owns Avion and Dearborn Aviation, Chase Farms, San Saba Pecans, Buffalo Oilfield Supply and is involved with many other companies. Mack also dedicates much of his time to the nonprofit Chase Foundation. The Chase Foundation affirms Mack’s vision with the mission of giving people a chance to improve their quality of life for the well being of community and family. The foundation accomplishes this by offering grants, scholarships, and other opportunities for the Artisia High School students to obtain a college education and become future leaders. The youth of Artesia mean a lot to Mack, so he strives to provide them with opportunities he didn’t have when he was growing up.

The word “artesia” means “to rise to the top”. Nothing could be more fitting to both Mack’s story and the history of the town. Throughout his personal success, Mack has always empowered others and been incredibly generous to his community. Today, you can hardly mention Artesia without the mention of Mack Chase. Even throughout his great successes, Mack has remained loyal to the people of Artesia.