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We were so fortunate to work with Stephen Joseph this year. We got to join in on a few meetings and see their insanely cool office… and the warehouse is even more impressive! It’s really neat to know that global companies exist here in West Texas that do BIG things for kids and parents!

The young star of our video was so awesome to work with! She was smart, spunky and eager to keep shooting even if it took all afternoon! For more information and to view their full product line, visit their website at



For Over 30 years Stephen Joseph has been committed to creating adorable and fun products that are certain to make sure your child has the cutest gear in school.

Not only are the designs adorable, but they all match! So whether you need a snack bag, lunchbox, water bottle, or a quilted back pack you can find them all with the same designs, which is perfect for my little one to be able to recognize all of her things at school. From ladybugs to cupcakes or dinosaurs to pirates, their collections are sure to have a theme your child will love.

They also have luggage, art sets, wooden toys, and many other categories of super cute products.

We have play time every day after school when homework is done. I try to make sure the toys we have encourage creativity, imagination, and are still fun.

The wooden tea set and wooden sweet sets are a must have for us. No matter if we are celebrating a stuffed animal’s birthday or a good grade at school, tea time with our wooden sweet set is the perfect time for us to have fun and be creative!

To view the full product line and learn more, visit