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AquaSmart is a new technology in landscape development that is being utilized by professionals on golf courses, pro stadiums, high-end landscape projects, nurseries and even more. Simply spread this super-absorbent polymer-coated sand product over any soil and watch your trees, grass and flowers flourish.

We worked directly with AquaSmart’s very own Taylor McAlpine, but soon discovered that the founder and CEO, Calder Hendrickson is an Lubbock Christian University graduate. Small world. Great guy!

Jessica Rogers was gracious enough to let us use some of her beakers from the LCU science lab for our intense hyper-lapse of the product acivation. Needless to say, Taylor’s hand modeling career has taken off rather fast ever since this video leaked a few months back.

Anywho, next time you’re at Home Depot look down the lawn care aisle for AquaSmart. Definitely pick up a bag if your lawn or garden could use a little greening up.

-The Cre8ives