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It’s so incredible to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself… and in so many ways. This Housing First effort led by Carpenter’s Church is huge. It changes the game. It allows those who are chronically homeless get on their feet and start positively making changes. With the help of Carpenter’s Church’s Chad and Jaime Wheeler, this mini-documentary shows the high costs of chronic homelessness to individuals, communities, and spotlights Housing First (permanent supportive housing) as the most effective approach to ending chronic homelessness. A big thank you to everyone who helped with this incredible project; including all 23 people we interviewed, the staff at Carpenter’s Church, the on set helpers, and last but definitely not least, the UMC EMS who were kind enough to help us shoot a critical scene after dark. Supportive housing is the solution to chronic homelessness and we are excited to see what develops out of this amazing program now available in Lubbock, Texas.