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The Cre8ive team got to see Malawi, Africa and experience all of the wonders! Working with Ben, Rebecca, Ryan and Justine Hayes has been a gift like no other. They work with the people in and around the surrounding villages to preach, teach, and share the gospel through traditional and non traditional ways. They have been in Malawi since 2012 and are building the program vigorously. These two couples have been doing an excellent job with the resources they have, however they have reached a point where they’re in need of help. A full building phase initiative was put forth, and what better way to get the word out than with video. Jerrod, Carly and Donovan geared up and flew to Malawi, Africa for two weeks.

This short documentary explains what Namikango is and where they see themselves in just a few years. For example, they are building the Bible school program every semester. That’s great news! However, they are running out of room and majority of buildings need major repair. They’re in the same situation with their maternity clinic. Namikango is doing great work in the name of Jesus. To continue the great work that is happening with our brothers and sisters in Malawi, they will need our help! To find out more information, visit their website at

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