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Spirit Ranch in Lubbock, TX is an oasis in the flat lands; A team and leadership building partner, perfect for those who desire, MORE! From high ropes and horses to leadership coaches, Spirit Ranch has a positive and proven way of transforming lives. We really really enjoyed working with president and executive coach, David Crews and the general manager, Michelle Cook. We met Lauren Ferguson with Spirit Ranch forever ago while working different events on the weekends out on the property. She is the brightest light and brings joy wherever she goes. We are so sad that Lauren and her fiancĂ© will be traveling abroad for an extended period of time! You will be missed. Come back and see us. Anywhoo, this short promotional film for Spirit Ranch was amazing to shoot and work with the whole team on the Ranch. We met “Lobos” the grounds keeper for the first time, shared some breakfast and got the horses running in the field with our good friend, Jim Shearer as well as enjoyed joking around with founder, David Miller. Thank you Spirit Ranch for an awesome opportunity! Carly, Donovan and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute spent on this project! To many more great years- The Cre8ive team